Sunny Day Hairstyle with Savy! - Twist Me Pretty

Goodness gracious, we’ve been so excited to share this post with you! There’s honestly nothing I love more than getting creative with my little Savy girl! First things first, have you heard of the show Sunny Day? Oh man, it’s the cutest cartoon on Nick Jr about a 10 year old hairstylist and salon owner. She’s bright and bubbly and problem solves throughout each episode with a cheery, can-do attitude. I mean, I don’t want to point out the similarities here buuuut… Hairstylist. Blonde. Entrepreneur. Loves the color pink. Is unusually cheery and optimistic. I feel like I might have finally found my doppleganger ? and I may or may not binge watch it with Savy after school because it’s that cute! You can watch Sunny Day weekdays on Nickelodeon!