15 Most Flattering Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair | Parting your hair deeply over to one side essentially piles all of your hair onto the same side, which makes it look wonderously thicker. If you're keen on sticking with long locks, this makes a flattering choice. #beautytips #southernliving #hair #hairstyle

When it comes to your beauty routine, every woman knows that maximizing your best features is always easier than trying to force your features into whichever trend comes along next. However, we still have certain features we like to, well, strategically style.Some things are quick and simple, like bringing out your hazel eyes with lavender eye shadow or plunging your dull, dehydrated face into an ice bath after a late night. Others are more involved, like picking a haircut that suits (or disguises!) your hair texture. In this case, we’re talking about thin hair. The desired result? Making thin hair appear thicker and more volume-packed. How are we going to do it? Think blunt ends, full bangs, and short lengths—but we’re not stopping there.You’ll notice a few exceptions: While blunt is most certainly always better if you’re looking to make your thin hair appear fuller and thicker, we think there’s a case to be made for playing into your feather-light fine strands with extra layers and fringe. From blunt lobs to shaggy bobs, these hairstyles for thin hair run the gamut, which means you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect inspiration to bring to the salon.Here are the best haircuts for thin hair. Get to snipping!