needle felted vegetables - wear what you eat!

My latest needle felted creations have been an idea that has been growing in my mind for some time, so after planting the seed I finally put needle …


Ultimate Guide To Needle Felting: Unlock Your Inner Creative

Create yourself happy with a crafternoon of needle felting. My ultimate needle felting guide is crammed full of tutorials, hints and tips plus an amazing choice of award winning needle felting kits. You can even pop over to the YouTube channel and felt alongside me, workshop style. Perfect for complete beginners and crafters alike, you will soon find yourself addicted to to this fabulous craft. #howtoneedlefelt #easydiycrafts #needlefeltingforbeginners #needlefeltingvideos


Tutorial Needle Felt Bunny Rabbit, Instant Download PDF, 12 Detailed Pages, 64 Photos

I started needle felting by making bunnies and you can too. This is a PDF instant download of my tutorial on making a 3.5 inch needle felt cottontail bunny. This tutorial is very detailed with 12 pages, tips and 64 photos. It will print on 8.5 by 11 paper or you can view it on your screen. I have held workshops and taught felting this bunny to beginners who never felted before and they were able to make a bunny. It is better, however, if you have some needle felting experience. It should take 2 to 4 hours to complete. Here are the supplies you will need: • Foam or sponge • Felting needles, 38 star or 40 spiral, optional 42 triangle for eye detail • Multi-needle felting tool (optional) • Ruler • Toothpick (round and smooth) • Wooden skewer or 18 gauge wire (optional) • Scissors (not shown) • Corriedale or other core wool • Rose grey alpaca • Fawn alpaca • White alpaca • Pink or blush wool • Pink or brown wool for nose • Black alpaca or wool • Tiny piece white merino I did not provide exact quantities of wool, because they are very small amounts. The core wool is the biggest quantity and it is less than a half ounce. I hope you enjoy creating this bunny, but please do not sell your bunny online or distribute the tutorial as this is my original design.


A Selection Of My Needle Felted Sculptures, Celebrating British Wildlife

Although I live in beautiful Yorkshire, I rarely manage a glimpse of the wildlife surrounding me. I’m very lucky to have been sent an abundance of photos and videos of foxes, badgers and hedgehogs from people who are lucky to have regular visitors to their gardens. Using these images and following many wildlife rescue groups on social media, I love creating my needle felted sculptures.


Wool dryer balls

Decrease your laundry drying time with these homemade Wool Dryer Balls. This simple tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own wool dryer balls - even the kids can help!


Needle Felted Felting Wool project Animals sheep lamb Charm Cute keychain

Design:  Needle felted Wool Animal Cute  sheep lamb In Stock: 7-10 days for processing  Include:  Only The Needle Felting Wool  sheep lamb  Color:  White & Gray & Green & other Material: ...


■ 長毛猫さんのたてがみの画像

■ 長毛猫さんのたてがみ の画像|Hinali's blog! How to needle felt felted felting an animal paw hand tutorial


Felted Fox

Adorable felted fox for beginners.


Needle felting kits and ultimate guide to needle felting for beginners

Easy needle felting tutorials, patterns and videos from Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts


Handmade By November - Super Cute Kawaii!!

Oh, my. These are simply exquisite. I am not usually a huge needle-felting fan, bu this is really the best example of the genre I’ve seen in a very long time! These adorable tiny creatures are by Handmade By November. Check them out right now. ClaireClaire (AKA Panda san) is the co-founder of Super Cute Kawaii and stepped down in August 2014. Claire now spends most of her free time crafting risque homewares, dreaming of ponies and looking for her next kawaii fix.


Needle Felted Hedgehog Felted Hedgehog Needle Felted Animal Hedgehog Ornament Miniature Hedgehog Wool Felted Hedgehog Miniature animal

**Adorable Needle Felted Hedgehog Ornament/Keychain/Charm ** Perfect gift for animal lovers! Hedgehog that everyone would like to buy for themselves, too! Great fun, cute ornament for decorating your desk, shelf, and anywhere you can think of! Lovely keychain, charm, bag


Handmade Needle felted felting project animal cute Blue Totoro felted wool doll




Needle Felt A Ball In 5 Easy Steps

Avoid common needle felting mistakes before you even start with these easy hints tips and mini tutorials for complete beginners.


Needle felted features

Ever wondered how to create those cute finishing touches to your needle felting projects? It's so simple and this needle felting tutorial will show you how. Ideal for needle felting beginners or those of you that want to improve your skills. #needlefeltingforbeginners #handmadegiftideas #needlefeltingideas #craftideas #howtoneedlefelt #indoorcrafts #woolcrafts


Easy way to make Felted Balls By Kim of Wildly Woolly

It is said that good things come to those that wait or in my case asked. I asked Kim of Wildly Woolly to make up a little tutorial showing her Easy way to make Felted Balls and she did. Kim is an…


Needle felting kits and ultimate guide to needle felting for beginners

Easy needle felting tutorials, patterns and videos from Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts


Needle Felted Art and DIY Beginner Needle Felting Kits by Teresa Perleberg

Learn how to get smooth, fuzz free finishes on your needle felted sculptures. 3 easy tips that will help you take your needle felting to the next level.


Woolbuddies: 20 Irresistibly Simple Needle Felting Projects by Jackie Huang

So if the felting projects I shared this week have you itching for more, you may want to add Jackie Huang's Woolbuddies: 20 Irresistibly Simple Needle Felting Projects to your reading list. I recently had the chance to review the book and am so blown away by all the cute critters inside. I don't know which one to make first! Woolbuddies: 20 Irresistibly Simple Needle Felting Projectsby Jackie Huang2013. 112 pages.Chronicle Books. U.S. $18.95.ISBN 978145211440-8 Perhaps you will understand why if I give you a peek inside ... Aren't they adorable?! I think the frogs are my favorite. And these are only 3


Купить Совушка-сова (брошь) - серый, брошь, брошка, брошь из войлока, брошь из шерсти. Small felted owl.


This little mouse is so cute and joyful. He holds a cake with candle in his paw. Great present and a wonderful way to say somebody "Happy Birthday!". The mouse is handmade of white pure wool using needle felt technique. He has bendable arms, legs and tail, so he may be gently positioned. The cake is unmovable, it's glued to the mouse's paw. Size: approx. 3.2’’/8cm high. The mouse is made to order! Since everything is handmade it might be slightly different, but no less beautiful. NOTE! The mouse is only for decoration, NOT for playing, because he is very delicate! This piece is not intended for children 3 years and under as loose fibers may pose a choking hazard. Thanks for visiting my shop!


Handmade Needle felted felting kit project Woodland Animals cute for beginners starters

Handmade Needle felted felting kit project Woodland Animals cute for b | Feltify


How to do Simple Embroidery on Felt Beads

Jewellery made from handmade felt beads is: - easy to make and fun to embellish - inexpensive to make - a great alternative for people that cannot wear metal jewellery - lightweight. Sometimes glass, ceramic or metal jewellery can be...


Amongst The Oaks: Needle Felting Tutorial, felting, hund, валяние, каркас, игрушка, звери


Felting for Beginners - Very Easy Tutorial for First-Time Felters

Felting for Beginners - Very Easy Tutorial for First-Time Felters - YouTube


Adorable Wool-Felted Creatures Look Like They Belong in a Magical Woodland

These fuzzy little creations will make you happy just by looking at them!


How to: Avoid floppy and saggy legs…

A rough guide to firm legs which, lets face it, is something we all want. The picture shows the hares legs but you can apply this technique to pretty much any felting project. When you have finishe…


Different Ways to Felt - Felting Fridays — Star Magnolias

Do you know the difference between needle felting and wet felting? And what is nuno felting? Artfelt? Felt knits? This post should hopefully help explain the differences.


How To Stiffen Felt for Dimensional Felt Crafts - Twisted Notions

Most of my tutorials use felt in its natural state, but a few tutorials (like those for lettuce or potato chips) call for the felt to first be treated so it’s a little stiffer. Stiffened felt can hold a 3-D shape needed for more complex felt projects. Four Ways to Stiffen Felt: Quick Overview of…


Pitt by Filatova Marina

Rabbit Pitt Little and mischievous rabbit. I stitched it completely manually using teddy technology. - sewn from mohair cotter pins - inside cedar sawdust and metal granules - author's tint - glass eyes - a jacket with a pocket and a carrot. Lined, all very high quality! If you love Pitt Bunny take him home!